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When defining or determining the area of a surface, you are quantifying the measurement of the visible surface. Area can be determined in relation to two dimensional or three dimensional objects. Determining the area of two and three dimensional objects is completed by a variety of simple and complex mathematical formulas, depending upon the shape of the object as well as the object's dimensions. When determining area, you are basically calculating the enclosed surface of two dimensional or three dimensional objects.

Some common area units include the are (a), the hectare (ha), the square kilometer (km?) the square megametre (Mm?), the square foot (ft^2), the square yard (yd^2), the acre, and the square mile. For example, the square metre or square meter is an area unit as specifically defined by the International System of Units (SI). The SI defines a series of 7 base units from which all alternative measurement units are created. Such units are identified as SI derived units.

The square meter is one of the most popular and commonly used unit of area measurement. A square meter or square metre is mathematically symbolized by two different symbols: either M? or M^2. Both symbols literally translate as meter squared. What happens when you want to convert a single square metre to a different area unit? A single square metre can be converted to a variety of different measurements. For instance, a square metre equals .00001 km^2, 10,000 cm^2, .0001 ha, .01 a, .000247105381 acres, 1.195990 yd^2, 10.763911 ft^2, and 1,550.0031 in^2. Still other area unit conversions are possible and the type of conversions you calculate will be based upon your needs.

Area unit conversions can be quite complex, but they do not have to be as cumbersome as one might imagine. When accessing an online calculator offering you expedient methods to conduct area conversions you can have your area unit conversions calculated in just a few seconds. To make the most of area unit conversions calculators you simply insert the quantity or value of your area unit in the offered input box and select the area units you want to initially convert.

Generally, you will find that area unit conversions are conducted in two columns: on the left you have an input area and on the right you are offered an output area. After you have input the area unit information in the left column, for an automated calculation, select the area unit you want to automatically convert your initial area unit into the output box. The area unit conversions calculator will immediately present the output area value in the output box for you and your calculation is complete.

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