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A common energy unit is identified as a joule. The joule is a unit of energy that is symbolized by the capital letter “J,” and a joule is one measurement of energy recognized in the International System of Units. It should be duly noted that while the capital letter “J” is used to denote a joule symbolically, whenever the term joule is spelled out, it is always presented with a lowercase “j.” This unit is named after James Prescott Joule, a physicist that is responsible for the creation of the energy conservation theory as well as the discovering the very first law in regard to thermodynamics. A joule is an energy unit which defines the measurement of force as it is expended. The formula for manual calculation of a joule is J = kg (m2/s2). Joules are used to define energy in relation to movement, force, work, torque, and power.

The International System of Units allows for the conversion of units of energy into a variety of different units for measurement. For example, 10 joules are equivalent to 0.00000001 gigajoules [GJ], 0.00001 megajoules [MJ], 0.01 kilojoules [kJ], or 0.000003725 horsepower [hp*2]. There are myriad other energy units which the joule can be converted into for the purposes of calculating energy measurements as they are understood in various parts of the globe. Since a variety of formulas are used for energy unit conversions, the use of a calculator to perform calculations simplifies the process of energy conversion dramatically

There are some amazing facts related to the joule. First, in order for a human being to pick up and lift an apple 1 meter straight up into the air requires the use of one joule of energy. If an apple is to fall, due to forces of gravity, to the ground 1 meter from a tree, that apple is using a single joule of energy. When a person is perfectly silent, they are releasing a single joule of energy every 1/100 of a passing second. Further, if a single drop of beer is consumed by an individual, that person gains a single joule of energy from the beverage’s consumption.

Energy unit conversions via a unit converter make the act of converting one energy measurement into another alternative energy measure simplified. Since different measurements are used for energy units on a worldwide basis, you can use energy unit conversions calculators to determine what the value of one energy unit is in another unit measurement of energy within seconds. Select the first energy unit you are working within the left column of the energy unit conversions calculator, and choose a unit output in the right column. Automated calculations are instantaneously supplied to you with lightening speed.

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