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Length refers to the longest dimension of a two or three dimensional object, and it also refers to the distance between a single point and another either in geometry or in relation to specific geographically defined locations. Often times, this unit of measurement is confused or mixed up with the depth of an object. The depth of an object is the unit of measurement based on an object and the portion of the object that seemingly moves away from the individual. In contrast, the measurement of length results in the description of the distance between point A and point B or between one end of an object and the object’s opposite end. A unit of length only defines a single dimension of an object. When comparing length to area, it is important to note that the area of an object is a measurement of two of the dimensions of the object and area is generally calculated by squaring the length of an object.

The kilometer is a common unit of measurement to describe length or the distance between one point and another. The kilometer or kilometer is recognized by the mathematical symbol km. The kilometer is derived from the metric system of measurement and one kilometer unit is equivalent to 1/1000 meters. It is also precisely equivalent to the distance or length that light travels when it is passing through free space in 1/299,792.458ths of a second.

Sometimes a kilometer is called a kay or a click. Often times, the kilometer is used to convey the distance between two separate geographical locations. In the United States of America however, the distance between one place and another is often described in relation to miles. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, distance in relation to the length between two places is described as both miles as well as kilometers. Thus, understanding the length unit conversions between miles and kilometers proves helpful when understanding distance measurements in various regions of the world.

A single kilometer, when converted using a length unit conversions calculator will reveal the different length measurements used for different purposes. For example, one kilometer is precisely equivalent to 1000 meters [m], 10 hectometers [hm], 10000 decameters [dm] 1.057000834e-13 light years [ly], 0.207123731leagues [lea], or 0.621371192 miles [ml]. When you use a length unit conversions calculator you can instantaneously convert a length unit measurement into a variety of other measurements used in different systems worldwide. Enter your length measurement, choose the first unit, and then choose your output unit. You get length unit conversions is seconds with an online calculator.

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