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The term weight is used to describe the force that has to be placed upon an object in order to support the magnitude of the object in question within the field of gravity. To actually formulate the weight of an object it is necessary to multiply the object’s mass with the speed at which the object accelerates during free falling; this formula would be then presented as weight (W) = m(mass) x g(gravity).

The pound is a very common unit used in the United States to measure weight. The pound is a term that is recognized symbolically by the abbreviation lbm or lb, and this unit of weight measurement is used within the customary systems of measurement in the US as well as alternative measurement systems. The term pound has Latin roots and it is actually derived from the term “pondus” which can be translated literally to mean weight. Why is pound abbreviated with the term lb? The lb symbol of the weight unit of a pound is derived from the term Libra, which actually means balances or scales. Just think of the zodiac the next time you wonder where the lb pound sign comes from!

A single pound can be converted into a variety of different weight unit conversions. For example, a single pound is equivalent to 0.45359237 kilograms, 453.59237 grams, 453592.37 milligrams, 0.001 kilopound, 16 ounces, 0.0005 US tons, 4.5359237 hectograms and on and on. Various parts of the world have long relied on unique weight measurements which sometimes demand the conversion of one weight measurement into another in order to understand calculations.

When it comes to weight unit conversions you can memorize all of the different conversions so that you can pull them from your mind instantaneously whenever they are needed, or you can simply memorize the formulas used to convert the units so that you can plug in your figures and make manual conversions. Both of the latter processes can prove a hassle since you can err and calculate your weight unit conversions incorrectly. Of course, there is a far easier option available to you when it comes to making weight unit conversions. You can use calculators online which make weight unit conversions accurate and expedient. Plug in your values and get your calculations in seconds! There is no reason you should find yourself struggling with weight unit conversions when there are easy online tools that can perform the calculations for you.

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